My Flexible Flexagons

Recently, I started to get back into running in order to get fit, or in my case, as close as I could get to it. I know proper running requires quality shoes, so I had been admiring the Reebok Flexagon running shoes for a while now.  They seemed like the perfect footwear for my workouts.

So, when my younger brother told me of a 50% off sale at the online outlet store for Reebok, I immediately rushed online to get mine. At checkout, I applied the discount promo code FALLBACK and the price went down to $40, making my Flexagon deal very flexible to my shopping budget.

I loved the way Reebok handled my purchase. I could track my shoe order from time of purchase till the time it was delivered. Mine were delivered within two weeks. The shoes came with a 90-day warranty in case I find any defects. I chose the coal black color as it goes with most of my workout outfits. Other black choices included the classic black and shark. The Flexagon also comes in different shades of blue including navy, bunker blue and vita.

I was very happy with my purchase, as these shoes were comfortable and have stretch straps offering perfect upper support. If you’re into fitness, you know how important this is. I’ve always loved Reebok footwear and after wearing the Flexagon, they seemed to be a class above the rest. Plus, they look good even as streetwear or for outdoor activities.

Discount Deals at Reebok

For extra discounts, Reebok runs a student discount program where students can take advantage of ongoing promotions and additional discounts. If you’re a student, head out to Reebok’s sister site, and go through the super easy verification process. Once you’re verified as a student, you can enjoy bigger discounts on Reebok apparel and footwear. The Reebok company also offers 25% loyalty incentives if you’re a member of their ReebokOne instructor network.

E-Gift Cards Aplenty

My brother shares my love for Reebok shoes, and their website has some very convenient gift cards. The e-gift cards have a $250 limit. I sent him $50, so he can get a matching pair of Flexagon shoes. The site even makes finding, buying and sending the e-gift card easy. I was able to choose the visual look of the card from among six varieties. I loved the one with a picture of three runners, but since my brother loves basketball, I knew he’d appreciate the sporty one more.

The Reebok e-gift cards are offered in denominations of $25, $50, $75, $100 and $250. You can include a personalized message and even schedule when to send it if you don’t want it to go out immediately. If you’re not so keen on e-gift cards you have the option of sending out a physical gift card. These come in two designs and have a low shipping charge of $1.95 for any of the gift card amounts. However, priority mail will cost an extra ten bucks and 2-day delivery by FedEx costs $12. Personally, I like the convenience and the less costly value of e-gift cards.

All in all, I couldn’t find a better deal than my flexible Flexagons from Reebok, and I’m glad my brother was able to share in the joy too.