My Discovery of Mr. Holmes

My fascination with Sherlock Holmes began at an early age after hearing stories about him being the world’s greatest detective. I’ve always loved reading and watching movie mysteries and after seeing quite a few movies about Sherlock Holmes and his mysteries, I came across one that I had not seen before, Mr. Holmes starring Ian McKellen at Barnes & Noble’s online store.


Barnes & Noble has always been my favorite bookstore. They offer a wide range of book choices coupled with high-quality toys, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and other educational and entertainment products which makes it a wonderful shopping experience on each trip.

My Double Savings Price Drop

I was shopping online, not looking for anything specific, basically just browsing when I noticed they were having a 50% off sale. The DVD which was originally going for $19.99, was now reduced to a pocket-friendly $9.99.

My second pocket saving surprise came when I realized I was lucky enough to make my purchase on one of their Educator Appreciation Days. As a teaching assistant, this earned me a 25% discount off the $9.99, bringing my price down to $7.49!

If you’re a new customer, creating an account comes with an enticing 15% off signup discount. For a Barnes & Noble member like me, I also enjoy free express shipping. For the Mr. Holmes DVD, this meant I received a waiver on an estimated $2.98 shipping fee.

Not a member? You can sign up for membership at $25 per year. This entitles you to over $60 in bonuses. They send you coupons via email which you can use in-store or online. If you’re buying for your school, workplace, or an organization, then you can also get a bulk order discount.

The B&N website is very easy to use and making a purchase is very easy. I can add items to my shopping cart like other online stores, or I can jump straight to their instant purchase feature. I mainly use that feature when I’m only buying a single item.

Whenever I’m on a tight budget but need something new to keep the kids busy, I always visit their sale page. Active clearance sales with discounts of 50% or more can usually be found in this section. Whether I’m searching for collectibles to keep the kids engaged, or a movie to keep the whole family engaged, I can always find something on sale at my favorite book spot.