My Cousin’s Anniversary

I needed to get an anniversary gift for my cousin and her husband. I really wanted to get something nice that was also useful, and Macy’s always has so many options for practical gifts, so I knew exactly where I was going to shop. Macy’s offers a wide variety of products from shoes to jackets, dresses to handbags, and tons of household items.

My cousin has this thing for silver items, and it’s her theme for everything in her home, décor-wise. The Pacific Coast Silver Plated table lamps that I found were definitely right up her alley. They were beautifully crafted and possessed a very stylish design. I was sure that she would love them.

When I logged on to make my purchase online, the set was on sale at a 37% discount. This lowered the price from $229 to $142.99, giving me a pretty good savings of $86. By signing up for the Macy’s email newsletter, I automatically got an extra 25% discount. This further lowered my price to $107.24, for an additional $37.75 in savings.

If you want even more savings on your purchases at Macy’s, check out their Coupons, Deals and Promotions portal on their website. I’m always getting some super great deals on my purchases.

One of my favorite things about Macy’s is their international shipping. I have family abroad and every now and then I love sending them stuff from the US since we’re not able to get together often. The Macy’s shipping and delivery system is flawless even across borders. The tracking works great, and I always know where my purchases are in transit.

Gifts That Keep on Giving

Macy’s even offers gift wrap services for your order too. So, I know that when my family receives these little tokens of my love, they will always appreciate how nicely their items are packaged.

For more help with gifts, I like to visit their Holiday Gift Guide. In this section, I can specify a gift price range, whether it’s for a man, woman, or child, and whether it’s for grooming, beauty, or home products among other categories. This brings me a list of suggestions to pick from. You can also save even further by purchasing discounted gift cards to Macy’s.

I was pretty happy with myself after finding these little treasures of Pacific Coast for my cousin and her husband’s anniversary. Even though I know the appearance was more for her benefit, I could also find joy with the fact that the lamps were practical items that everyone in their household would get use from. All in all, I’d say this virtual shopping trip was a success.