With the holidays around us, there are so many deals to be had. Drawing me into Amazon on this virtual trip was my sister’s birthday, and I found exactly what I wanted and what she needed.  She’s been moving away from fried foods, but I know how much she loves them, just not the greasy mess that goes along with them.



NuWave No-Brainer

The NuWave (36001) Brio Air Fryer was the solution. Birthday Gift + No Grease Fryer = Success!!!

I was abundantly satisfied with the deal that I got shopping on Amazon. Think about it, at regular price the fryer would have cost me $99, but by shopping on Amazon I was able to save $30 with the wonderful sale price of $69.99.  I could not have been happier getting such a great deal on this item as a gift. I was even able to get FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING which let me ship it directly to her house.

Although small and compact, the Brio Air Fryer brought a lot to the table. Especially with the fact that it allowed us to put a healthier spin on some classic fried favs without using oil. I say “us” because of course, I had to be there when she used it for the first time, from a food tester’s perspective.  She had invited me over for a light meal on the evening that she had received her delivery.



Just Like Magic

Up first were drumettes and crinkle fries… She decided these would be the best items for testing the air fryer. We read the directions, powered it up and that’s when she got to cooking with this thing.  It was easy enough to operate, you basically just set the timer and the temperature and let the NuWave Brio Air Fryer do its thing.  After a short wait, we had crispy fries that were just right along with the tastiest, juiciest wings. You would never believe that they had been fried with NO GREASE.



My sister was so excited with the results, and I have to say that I was as well. We enjoyed our first air-fried samples. As we sat and talked over our savory combo, she discussed all the things that she could not wait to try out using her new little kitchen helper. The fact that you could fry all of your favorite foods without using oil was definitely appealing.  Guess I know what little item that I will be getting myself soon as well.